TGS Regional Seminars 2022: Berlin and Miami

TGS members

Europe, Middle East and Africa in Berlin Seminar

TGS held their first physical seminars for two years in Berlin, Germany and Miami, USA.

25 TGS members from 21 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa in Berlin and 9 TGS members from 8 countries in Miami met to discuss network development, share current best practice in the audit, accounting, advisory, tax and legal service industries.

Members also enjoyed some social time together in a mix of free networking, focussed discussion groups and advisory sessions.

Two full days of conference activity saw the members working and playing together intensely to make sure TGS is the network of the future, that TGS member firms are the most attractive employer brand in the market and that referral business between member firms is increased.



TSI Shareholder work session

TGS is unique in many ways and not least in its structure. All TGS members are encouraged to become shareholders in the network, which creates a unique dynamic where the owner-members decide how the network will develop. There are no top-down directives and board meetings are not an easy ride for the TGS president.

The pre-conference sessions welcomed TSI shareholders and during the meeting, past actions and forward strategy were discussed and put to the vote. TGS are never short of ideas and the only problem we face – like any dynamic start-up – is how to allocate scarce resources for the best effect.

TGS TSI meetings continue throughout the year as webinars and conference calls. If you feel your voice was not heard or there was something you forgot to add, members can always contribute in the “Ideas” section of our secure TGS intranet, MyTGSHub.


Introduction Marc Berlin

Marc Desjardins, TGS President and CEO


TGS CEO, Marc Desjardins, began the conference with a speech about the difficult context we are experiencing. Things are slowly starting to get back to normal after two years of pandemic, two years without physically seeing our members.

A few months ago, a war started in Europe between Ukraine and Russia but the TGS network supports their members through the hard times and we need to be more united than ever.


TGS team talk about TGS Quality, Development, Communication and Business Referrals

The TGS team presented current actions and plans for the future regarding multiple aspects of the network.

Andrew Menzies, TGS VP International Development, talked about network development and the importance of maintaining a strong brand image. Silvia Letang, TGS VP Member Engagement, talked about network quality, professional core competences and risk.

Sophie Cartalier, Event Coordinator, presented an overview of business referral statistics and work done on the TGS referral process. Marcela Vargas, CSR and Marketing Project Manager, gave an update about the current TGS UNESCO internship project.


TGS team present updates and information about the network


We hired a professional photographer to take pictures during the TGS regional seminars. He took group photos and headshots of TGS members which were then sent to them as a gift.

A good photo is always useful to appear professional. We thought that this would be a much more useful and sustainable conference goody than a bad, a pen a water-bottle or a notebook.



TGS member headshots

Members are encouraged to use their professional headshot on social media

TGS members latest news

TGS members presented their firm and their latest project in a 2-minute pitch during the seminars. Thanks to the training provided by Pamela Caravas, the presentations were very engaging and memorable.

Members got to know more about their TGS colleague’s expertise and their projects. This sharing of expertise and strategy helps to generate business within the network.


TGS members present their latest firm news and projects

TGS Label 

The TGS team and W-Agency presented the TGS Label project to our members during the regional seminars.

The idea with this project is that TGS members offer a common service to their clients. We will train our members to audit their clients on Governance, Environment, Social and Activity.

TGS member firm clients will have the opportunity to measure, prove and improve their ESG commitments.



Speed Meetings

TGS members participated in speed meeting sessions.

In groups, they discussed their practices to develop business locally and internationally. Members were also able to share their thoughts on winning clients and retaining key staff.

TGS members got the most out of this networking event and developed more referral business.


Regional Business Development Roadmap Workshop

TGS members took part in a Regional Business Development roadmap workshop.

In groups, they discussed how to adopt a more regional approach. They compared their current business practices to the goals they wish to achieve as well as how to get there.

Each group was able to create a One Page Plan to synthesise their plans for the future and develop regional business.


Team-building sessions: drums and graffiti

The drums session organised by Ringo Starrs was an interesting activity for our members at the TGS Berlin regional seminar. In Miami, TGS members learned how to use spray cans and to create their own graffiti in a workshop in the Wynwood Walls.

What artwork did we create? The TGS logo of course.

Team-building activities are a great way to create bonds and have fun with each other. The more shared experience you have with your colleagues, the easier it is to work together and to share business.

TGS team-building in Berlin

TGS team-building in Miami

Virtual Asia

Due to the complex health situation the TGS Asia Pacific regional seminar will be online in 2022.

It is a way to keep in touch with the latest news from our members in Asia Pacific and keep them informed of news within the network.


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