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TGS Marcela Vargas, sustainability manager, held a webinar on CSR featuring Tripti Shinghal Somani on April 12th to share information on TGS sustainability projects.

Tuesday’s “TGS Success Stories” webinar dealt with TGS’ participation in the UN Global Compact AGM and TGS projects concerning sustainable development. Tripti Shinghal Somani, founder of Womennovator, presented her project that helped thousands of women open their businesses.

TGS sets ambitious sustainable development goals for 2022

During the UN Global Compact AGM, TGS defined 8 SDGs that they can directly act on up to the next 10 years. The CEO of UN Global Compact emphasised the importance of SMEs in sustainable development. SMEs are the most common type of companies which puts them at the heart of the action.

This is why we want to accompany TGS members in their sustainable strategies. Through “TGS SDG Ambition Accelerator”, we set ambitious goals to challenge the network and its members. This will make sure SDGs are integrated into the whole TGS network core business management.

TGS is developing new sustainable projects

We are working on a project with UNESCO as part of the Global Education Coalition. It consists of sending material and non-material goods to children around the world. This is to improve the quality of their education.

TGS also contributes to the Global skills academy project that offers internship opportunities. Participants commit to promoting and generating internships for young people. Besides, they help and advise beneficiaries of UNESCO looking for a first professional experience. TGS members who are interested in the program will be able to join later on.

TGS already promotes sustainability to their members but would like to go further. We are creating a kind of “label” that reaches the members’ clients. The idea is to provide a common service to all TGS members and federate their customers. This would stimulate new dynamics of sustainable growth within companies.

The 1st virtual incubator for women: Womennovator

Womennovator is a women-empowering project founded by Tripti Shinghal Somani. It helps women participate in their country’s economic growth. The program provides 10 weeks of courses meant to “incubate” women entrepreneurs to help them start their businesses.

Womennovator created We-Mark, an online marketplace for women sellers and resellers. The platform is made to support women in expanding their businesses globally.

The project originally started in India. It has since expanded to over 20 countries including Bangladesh, Uganda, Australia. It has successfully helped more than 8000 women so far.

Womenovator organised a 100 women faces awards in 2018. The team then worked on a 1000 women of Asia until 2021. Now, they are preparing for the upcoming 10K global awards.

My goal is to see every aspiring women to become an active contributor to the GDP of their country's economy. It's time to breakthrough the glass ceiling

Tripti Shinghal Somani, founder of Womennovator

TGS presented current and upcoming projects on sustainable development during the CSR Webinar featuring the UNESCO Global Education Coalition and Tripti Shinghal Somani’s Womennovator incubator.

TGS puts sustainable development on the forefront with their CSR projects. Womennovator, for instance, is a real success. It has helped over 8000 women start or expand their businesses around the world.

Improve the return on you CSR investment.

Turn your sustainable ideas into concrete, value-creating actions.

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