Empowering Professionals: Thematic Breakdown of the Upcoming International TGS Conference in Nice

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The upcoming international conference for our network of accounting, audit, and advisory firms promises to be a pivotal event, focusing on key themes essential for the growth and sustainability of our professions.

Here’s a thematic overview of the activities planned and how they will benefit participants.

Day 1: Embracing AI and Ethical Practices

Network Insights and Strategic Directions

  • President’s Introduction & Board Feedback. Kicking off the conference, the current President, Marc Desjardins, will deliver his final address. Accompanied by members of the TGS Board, he will reflect on the network’s 12-year journey and future direction. This session is crucial for understanding the strategic vision and the collaborative efforts needed to achieve our goals.

AI and Automation: The Future of Professional Services

  • Challenging Keynote on AI Impacts: A world-famous philosopher will delve into the philosophical and practical action impacts of AI and currents in contemporary global society on our professions, urging us to rethink our approaches and adapt to technological advancements.
  • AI in Banking and in your firm: A representative from a major economy’s national bank will present high-level insights into how AI is revolutionizing the banking sector, providing valuable lessons for auditors, accountants, business advisors, tax and legal service providers.

Member Experiences with AI

  • Practical AI Applications:  TGS members will share real-world examples of AI and automation in action, offering practical insights and best practice strategies for implementation in your firm.

Inner Development Goals (IDGs) and Sustainable Practices

  • IDGs and Well-being: Our IDG expert will highlight the importance of inner development, well-being, and future-proofing our professions, showing how these factors can enhance productivity and sustainability. The OECD estimates that burnout costs the global economy over $300 billion each year. Firms that are tired of losing staff and of poor performance can reduce staff turnover dramatically and increase productivity by 20% simply by implementing more effective inner development training.

Day 2: Sustainable Growth and Ethical Investments

Sustainable Firm Development

  • M&A and Valuation: Siong Yoong will discuss best practices in mergers and acquisitions, focusing on sustainable growth and attracting young talent.
  • ESG and Waste Advisory: We will share success stories from Taiwan, demonstrating the financial and environmental benefits of ESG initiatives. Food Loss & Waste (United Nations Global Compact SDG 12.3) is a trillion dollar problem. That’s a trillion dollar opportunity for the savvy ESG Advisor. A firm close to the TGS network recently carried out a waste audit for a mushroom farm that uncovered $14.7M energy savings. 

Ethical and Impact Investing

  • Investing for Good: This inspirational keynote will explore how to align investments with ethical values, ensuring our financial growth also contributes positively to society.

Storytelling for Professional Services

  • Telling our TGS Stories: A successful journalist, author and artist will guide us through the art of storytelling, essential for differentiating our services and building a compelling narrative for clients and stakeholders. This is not a soft skill. This is a hard professional services business essential. If you can’t sell your ideas and services in meetings, in conferences, in any situations – you will not grow.

Day 3: Collaboration and Culture

Workgroups and Social Activities

  • Professional Expertise Workgroups: Collaborative sessions focused on enhancing professional expertise and building on the success of May’s workgroups. Join the ‘Audit’, ‘Future of Accounting’, ‘Tax & Legal’ or ‘I’m Not Interested In Any Of Those Workgroups’ workgroups to create a 5yr, 2yr, 1yr and 90-day strategic plan for success. 
  • Cultural Enrichment: Visits to Fragonard perfumery and an opera performance provide  unique cultural experiences, fostering camaraderie among participants. If you’ve been to a TGS conference before, you will know how well these are organized.


If you’ve not been to a TGS conference before, it’s high time you came to see just how different our events are: useful, fun and inspiring

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