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TGS teamed up with Pamela Caravas to help members give engaging 2-minute presentations for the TGS Berlin seminar in May.

Pamela Caravas, founder of Coaching Evolution, will host two training sessions on May 2nd and May 9th for members willing to present their firms during the Berlin seminar.

She will help TGS members make an engaging and personalised presentation.

TGS members present their firm and chosen topic in a 2-minute pitch.

Several TGS members agreed to give a presentation during the Berlin seminar. They will quickly present their firm and a topic of their choice. To make it more engaging, TGS members will each give a 2-minute energetic pitch.

I expect a lot from my students and my courses are intense and effective because they demand intellectual effort and discipline.

Pamela Caravas, founder of Coaching Evolution

TGS helps you improve your pitching skills

Giving an engaging pitch is easier said than done. TGS teamed up with Pamela Caravas to best help their members. She is a professional coach and the founder of Coaching Evolution. Pamela Caravas will teach TGS members to create a successful and energetic pitch that fits their personality and culture.

There will be two sessions, on May 2nd and May 9th. During the first session, Pamela Caravas will give information on how to make a successful pitch. During the second session, she will give feedback on the presentations TGS members created.

For members not available on May 2nd and/or May 9th, don’t forget to watch the YouTube replay to practice! It will be posted on the TGS YouTube channel.

TGS helps you make the best 2-minute presentation with Pamela Caravas.

Pamela Caravas will host two pitch training sessions for TGS members, on May 2nd and May 9th.

She will help the members create a successful pitch for the Berlin conference and any of their future events.

Your weaknesses are your future assets.

Turn constraints to opportunities.

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