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Useful tips to make an engaging 2-minute presentation or pitch

TGS teamed up with Pamela Caravas on May 2nd to give intense and effective training to TGS members. The coaching session helped them prepare the best 2-minute pitch for the TGS conference in Berlin.

A memorable pitch begins with a good structure

Pamela Caravas, founder of Coaching Evolution, gave TGS members two examples of pitch structures. One shapes an engaging self-presentation while the other one enhances a project. TGS members will get inspiration from the second structure to prepare their 2-minute pitch for the Berlin conference.

To present a project, begin with greetings and your name. Then, quickly describe your job using simple and clear terms. 

Next comes the “authority” part. It should be relevant to the project you are presenting. It tells the public why they should listen to you. Talk about your experience as if you were telling a story to captivate the listeners. 

Now that you have the public’s attention, describe your project. Mention the value of your offer: how does it benefit the participants or clients? The use of a metaphor here is recommended so that it stays in people’s mind.

Once it is done, give information on what you have accomplished in order to support your project. You can talk about other experiences you have not mentioned in the first “authority” part.

After that, the listeners have understood your project and know that you are qualified enough to make it a success. It is time to end the pitch by thanking the public.

Your pitch should not be set in stone

Pamela Caravas gave essential tips to TGS members on adapting their pitch to different situations. 

Your pitch must be aligned with your personality. Speak in a way that represents you, your business and the impact you want to make. You have to know what sets your and your business apart from your competitors to best promote it.

The same pitch cannot be used all the time on every occasion. Use a different language, style and focus depending on the listeners and the event. Your pitch will also evolve as you, your business and your project grow.

TGS challenges their members

TGS gave a challenge to their members for the 2-minute pitch they will present in Berlin. They have to include the line of a poem, song or film in it.

Using references to songs, poems or films to stress the core ideas of your presentation will make your pitch more memorable. The line is likely to remain in your public’s mind so choose carefully. It should align with your presentation, your personality and the event to have the right impact. Avoid quoting rap songs with curse words for a conference, it would seem out of place.

This is the first time in a long time that I have actually learnt something new about how to pitch. It’s been very useful and rewarding.

Michael Bredahl, Managing Director of WTP Advisors

Top 10 of Pamela Caravas’ tips

1. Wear comfortable clothes. And be aware of your jewelry! It can make noise in the microphone that would distract from your presentation.

2. Don’t begin with the classic “Can you hear me?”. It only shows you’re nervous. Be confident and start directly with “Hello everyone, my name is…”

3. Don’t hesitate to insert jokes in your presentation. It lightens the mood and keeps everyone listening.

4. Your presentation contains questions? Pause. Read the room. Look at who is listening.

5. Don’t learn your pitch by heart. Be spontaneous and do what feels right in the moment.

6. Align your pitch with your personality. Adapt a style, focus, volume of speech that represents you. Find a way to pitch that fits your personality and benefits your business.

7. Use references to songs, movies, poems, it will make your pitch memorable. This is a challenge but well worth it!

8. Adapt your pitch to the event and the listeners. Don’t use the same pitch over and over on any occasion.

9. Do you get nervous when talking in front of a crowd? Before going on stage, think about your project, what you have accomplished and how proud you are of it. It will give you a confidence boost, try it!

10. When enumerating, never use your fingers to count 1… 2… : it’s very old school and not as captivating as it might seem.

TGS members are ready to prepare their pitch using Pamela Caravas tips.

Pamela Caravas gave intense and effective training to TGS members on making an engaging unique pitch. TGS members will now prepare their presentation and demonstrate their new-learnt skills to Pamela Caravas on May 9th.

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