TGS global conference 2023 Miami: 8th to 10th November

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TGS global conference 2023 Miami

8th to 10th November

from Diagnostic to Strategy to Action

TGS is the professional services network, owned by its members, that helps firms grow profitably and sustainably. TGS events are designed and driven by its members.

The agenda for our November seminar in Miami follows on from our May conference in Madrid and June in Bangkok. As always, we listened to your feedback from our last event, we did the research and we’ve created a program for TGS Miami 2023 that will maximize your ROI from participating in this event

Of course, networking, learning and business development are the key priorities at TGS Miami 2023. Fun, social activities and great photo opportunities are guaranteed in every TGS event. You will also learn a great deal about better practice management. We don’t say ‘best practice’ because we can always be better, right? 

TGS is innovating with the development of our in-house ESG Activator diagnostic and advisory toolkit, TGS Activator. In Miami 2023, you will learn how to market, sell and deliver potentially industry leading, high-margin advisory services to existing and new clients in this very competitive space.



Full conference program:



As always in TGS conferences, you will meet some familiar faces and gain inspiration from industry leaders. This year’s speakers include. 


Keep your eye on this page and the TGS LinkedIN profile for the full conference program. 


Listen to our short Miami 2023 pre-conference podcasts:

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