Position Your Professional Service Firm as an ESG Leader

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With new ESG regulations on the horizon, professional service firms need to raise awareness among clients about any tools and services that might benefit their clients.

TGS has a new TGS Activator diagnostic and advisory tool. 

Ellie from Beesting recommends starting with awareness content to let clients know ESG will soon impact their business. Case studies and thought leadership interviews sharing real examples can help differentiate your firm from competitors. This social proof builds trust that your firm is serious about sustainability. And if TGS is serious about one thing it’s Thinking Global Sustainability. 


Productivity tools like AI assistants can streamline the content creation process.

Firms save time on tasks like note-taking, drafting social posts, and scheduling outreach. This frees up resources to focus on high-value thought leadership.

Regular posting is key – at least weekly on your website and daily on LinkedIn profiles. While this might seem daunting, consistency over time builds your expertise. And only 16% of LinkedIn users are active, so consistent posting stands out. This is also something you can easily outsource.


Fill your content with industry insights

Share personal stories, value-added resources for clients and promote free webinars on important topics rather than simply promote products to engage audiences.

By following this blueprint, professional service firms can position themselves as trusted advisors and thought leaders on ESG – helping clients prepare for new regulations while growing their own businesses.


Meet Beesting Digital at the TGS global conference in Miami this year

Beesting will help our member firms master content strategy to promote not only the new ESG diagnostic and advisory tool, ESG Activator but also all our member’s services. 

We are super-excited that Beesting will actually be taking over the TGS Linkedin during the conference. We will see how the experts do social media. 

Beesting Digital will also be running a Linkedin Makeover Clinic to help TGS members have a more effective and engaging profile. 


Listen to the full podcast with Ellie from Beesting Digital:



Position your firm as an ESG advisory leader

Use the ESG Activator diagnostic health check with your clients

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