Mirova Launches MILE Strategy: Supporting European Companies with Social Impact

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Mirova Launches MILE Strategy: Supporting European Companies with Social Impact

Mirova, a subsidiary of Natixis Investment Managers focused on sustainable finance, has introduced the Mirova Impact Life Essentials (MILE) strategy.

This initiative aims to raise €200 million from institutional and individual investors in Europe to support the growth of unlisted European companies contributing to the transition towards a better society.

Led by Senior Investment Director Judith-Laure Mamou-Mani, MILE will focus on four investment themes: knowledge and skills, well-being and health, mindful consumption, and diversity and inclusion.

The strategy will adopt an opportunistic approach, seeking minority or majority stakes throughout its capital deployment period. Mirova’s team is actively developing the project pipeline for rapid fund deployment, with initial investments expected in the coming months.

MILE is designed to offer investors attractive long-term returns and risk diversification while contributing to ecological and social transition.

The strategy is expected to comply with the European SFDR regulation framework.

The launch of MILE demonstrates Mirova’s commitment to expanding its private assets offering in Europe in line with its long-term roadmap.



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