Preparing for and Sustaining Strategic Action

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In this TGS Talks podcast with business advisor Jason Langford-Brown the discussion centered around leadership development sessions Jason has led for TGS members. These sessions focused on practical skills like empowering teams and problem solving.

The interview looked ahead to the upcoming TGS conference in Miami. A major topic will be moving from diagnostic tools, such as the TGS ESG Activator, into strategic planning and implementation. Conference attendees will work on turning the insights from the diagnostic into an actionable strategic framework.

Keeping momentum on initiatives long-term was another key point. Regular reviews, assigning clear ownership, and engaging younger professionals with interesting work were suggested. The goal is to maintain enthusiasm beyond the initial planning phase.

The TGS 2023 Miami Conference aims to facilitate this process for members. Attendees will collaborate on how to systematically transition from assessment to strategic roadmaps and measurable progress in key areas like ESG.

Listen to the whole podcast here:

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