Navigating Opportunity in the Dynamic US Professional Services Market

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I'm looking forward to creating strategic US partnerships for TGS firms that make the pies bigger for all parties and developing training and coaching programs that have a long-term impact on clients.

David Wolfskehl is CEO and founder of C-Suite Impact and Director of Operations at Whitman Transition Advisors

The US professional services sector is undergoing rapid change that is creating both challenges and opportunities for international firms looking to expand their operations.

In a recent podcast interview, David Wolfskehl of Whitman Transition Advisors provided valuable insights into the key trends reshaping the US CPA industry.

One of the most notable trends David discussed is the sheer speed of change in the market. Firms must move at a much faster pace to keep up with new competitors, evolving client demands, and shifting technologies. The definition of advisory services has also broadened considerably as competitors offer a more holistic suite of services.


A dynamic environment makes partnering with local experts critical for navigating regional nuances.

While the business world has flattened globally, David notes each market still has its own cultural factors. International firms therefore need advisors with an “insider’s view” of the local landscape. Exactly what a network like TGS provides. 

Beyond challenges, several high-growth opportunities are emerging in the US market. Offshoring and global delivery models are increasingly embraced out of necessity to find qualified staff. The ongoing war for talent also creates openings in areas like mergers and acquisitions advisory and recruiting.


Sustainability issues are also rising up the agenda in the US

While the US may currently lag behind Europe on ESG regulations, demand is growing from both companies and investors. International networks can position themselves at the forefront of this trend by bringing over expertise from other regions.

David’s own firm Whitman Transition Advisors helps clients across sectors, from investment banking to accounting, break into the US. Through services ranging from dealmaking to training and offshoring toolkits, they demonstrate how international partners can smooth market entry.


Embracing rather than resisting change will be key to future-proofing in this dynamic environment.

International networks that leverage local partnerships and tap high-growth areas can springboard themselves to leadership. The opportunities far outweigh the challenges for those equipped to navigate opportunity in the evolving US professional services sector.

Listen to the full TGS Talks episode here:

David Wolfskehl is CEO and founder of C-Suite Impact and Director of Operations Training & Coaching at new TGS member firm, Whitman Transition Advisors.  David has 30+ years experience as a successful entrepreneur and business coach and believes his role with Whitman Business Advisors and TGS will be the pinnacle of his career. 


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