TGS ESG focus

28 June 2022

The TGS ESG focus is good for business

24 June 2022

TGS France ‘Ensemble 2026’ event

21 June 2022

Will your clients be fined for not complying with the new GDPR SCCs this December?

TGS President and CEO Marc Desjardins

20 June 2022

TGS Regional Seminars 2022: Berlin and Miami

TGS Netherlands

17 June 2022

TGS cross-border project generates global business

GDPR SCC Compliance 2022

8 June 2022

Fines of 4% turnover for non-compliance with new GDPR regulations

31 May 2022

Doing Business In Argentina

13 May 2022

TGS welcomes a new member in Costa Rica

12 May 2022

TGS Global Intangibles: strategy and advisory services