Agreement on Updated Regulations for Increased Sustainability in EU Packaging

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Agreement on Updated Regulations for Increased Sustainability in EU Packaging


Parliament and Council have reached a provisional agreement on updated regulations aimed at reducing, reusing, and recycling packaging within the EU, with the goal of enhancing safety and promoting a circular economy.

The measures focus on ensuring that all packaging is recyclable, minimizing harmful substances, reducing unnecessary packaging, increasing the use of recycled content, and improving collection and recycling efforts.

Key aspects of the agreement include setting targets for reducing packaging, particularly plastic, and banning certain single-use plastic packaging formats by 2030.

Additionally, there will be a ban on lightweight plastic carrier bags, restrictions on “forever chemicals” in food contact packaging, and targets for reusable packaging for beverages by 2030.

The agreement also emphasizes the need for recyclable packaging, improved waste collection, and specific targets for the separate collection of single-use plastic and metal beverage containers by 2029.

The agreement must receive formal approval from both Parliament and Council before entering into force.



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