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Some TGS interns, smiling despite the hard work.

If you saw our most recent blog and video about “Slow Accounting” and how TGS is now handwriting accounts, we assume you had some thoughts on it. Whatever they were, we’re glad, as we aimed to get people talking and give you a smile. If you didn’t see the video last week, you can catch up and watch it here 😉.

While some of what we said was true, we are obviously not exploiting students and school children. We don’t plan on scaling this business to the U.S to provide hand-written copies of famous business books. Unless, of course, you have $373k to spare? I’m sure we could work something out. 

The Slow Accounting video was a bit of fun for April Fools Day and a chance to raise awareness of how we’re helping students and our members and to think differently and share their opinions on the problems of isolation during the Covid pandemic.

…some more of our former TGS interns (still smiling).

TGS has taken on more interns than usual to create more opportunities for students.

Covid has caused disruptions to the workplace, to our lives, and the world as a whole, and it’s been no different for students. Since March 2020, instead of the social experience that university or college should be, many students have found themselves isolated, alone and finding it difficult to stay positive.

One of the major disruptions they have faced is their studies. They have been handicapped as, to validate their courses, they need to complete an internship. An internship that is impossible to find due to the pandemic.

In response to this problem in our local community and because we are committed to the United Nations Global Compact Sustainable Development Goals, TGS has taken on 4 times more interns than we normally would…and we’re always looking for more. 

👉 Find out more about our work with the United Nations Global Compact.

👉 Find out more about being an intern with TGS.


TGS has increased opportunities for members to connect

It’s not just students who can feel isolated during the Covid pandemic. Many business owners are struggling to keep a positive mental attitude and our TGS member firms are no exception. Thanks to TGSU, our TGS Regional Development Groups, Committees and other working groups, TGS member firms have the opportunity to meet regularly and discuss strategies for coping during the pandemic and to share the best working methods to exceed client expectations. 

It’s a great way to find best practice, motivation and support whether you are an international legal services provider, an auditor or an international tax consultant. Check our TGS U page to see where you can get involved. 


Justine, high-performing TGS Asia Pacific development intern with TGS Audit Dog, Doug.

If our interns are not hand-writing accounts, what are they doing? 

I am Justine (23), an intern with TGS since early January 2021. I’m not the CEO of TGS Slow Accounting but I would like to have a similar role in the future. It was quite rewarding to play the part of a nasty boss although I will not be that style of leader. It’s not what I’m learning with my time at TGS. I actually have 3 main areas of responsibility as an intern with TGS:


Prospecting for new firms

I am prospecting for new firms to join the TGS network: by supporting Andrew Menzies, VP International Development, I am looking for potential new members for the TGS network across the 4 corners of the world such as in the U.S, Argentina, Brazil, UK, Germany, Austria, Vietnam, South Korea, and so on. I could not have a more international experience.


Organizing webinars

I am organizing a series of “Doing business in…” webinars and I am actually fully in charge of this project but still supported by TGS VP, Andrew Menzies. I invite TGS members to hold a webinar about investment opportunities in their country. My studies being specialized on Asian markets, this webinar project is essentially focused on Asia, but the interest of non-Asian members has extended the scope of this project outside the borders of the Asian continent.


Managing media platforms

I assist in the management of TGS media platforms. I also help with the running of TGS social networks such as Instagram and LinkedIn, but also the TGS website (publishing articles, creating visuals, Instagram posts, etc.). I also helped launch TGS Live on Linkedin and YouTube and, of course, I was co-author (and actor in) the TGS Slow Accounting video.


Being a TGS intern means working on many projects every day and whether it’s helping with the organization, working with international member firms, cooperating with other interns or making the coffee, it’s hard work but fun. (Only joking, I don’t make coffee).

Justine Chouin

What do you think about hand-written accounts?

We love that we have created more internships for students at a time when they need it most. For us, that satisfies a lot of the values that TGS stands for: our commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainable business development. 

While hand-written accounts aren’t necessarily going to be the future in today’s technology-driven world, we are always looking for the value-add possible from innovation. It’s nice to slow down to reflect on best practice and there’s never been a time where we’ve needed human connection more. 

Slow down and connect with TGS as an intern, a member or a participant in TGSU

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