My experience as an intern at TGS

Social responsibility

Anaïs Charbonneau, intern with TGS Global

Who am I?

Hi! I’m Anaïs Charbonneau, I am 20 years old and I am currently studying for a Technical Degree for Personal Assistants. I have always been passionate about international relations, especially with Germany. As part of my studies, I did 2 short-term internships at TGS Global.

What did I do?

My main missions at TGS Global are varied which made this experience very rich! I mainly took care of looking for new members in Germany and contacting them. My activities were also about managing TGS social networks (Instagram, LinkedIn, TGS live ..). Last but not least, I carried out different projects and supported the TGS executive team managers in their different activities.

What was it like working with TGS?

As an intern, I was really included in the team, my point of view was always considered. I was quickly given responsibilities, which was very rewarding and above all motivating. The working atmosphere was super-friendly while remaining professional, so it was a very positive environment to work in.

I was quickly given responsibilities, which was very rewarding and motivating.

Anaïs Charbonneau

What did I learn working with TGS?

Obviously English! Being in an international team, the language mainly spoken is English, which helped me a lot to develop my skills. Yet, TGS gave me more than that: autonomy, hard work and teamwork, communication skills and many professional skills. From a professional and personal point of view, it was an internship very complete.

What I am going to next?

I will graduate this year! Passionate about Germany and communication, I want to continue my studies and then work in Germany. The skills developed at TGS will undoubtedly help me in my professional future. This internship with TGS Global allowed me to develop my knowledge and confirmed my professional orientation. If you would like to do an internship in an enjoyable and professional environment alongside an international team, it is with no hesitation that I recommend TGS to you!

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