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Why does TGS participate in the UN Global Compact?

TGS puts sustainability and CSR at the core of its values and strategy (for the record, the name stands for Think Global Sustainability). It is therefore only natural that TGS decided to become a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact in 2017 to follow their sustainable development goals.

From 2 to almost 70 members in ten years, our dynamic young network is living proof that business growth and sustainability are fully compatible. Indeed, why not kill two birds with one stone? (Metaphorical birds of course. We know that killing birds is not a sustainable attitude 😉) Joking aside, what if you could make efficient business whilst also making a difference for the world you live in too?

By consistently working towards new sustainable development goals, we want to inspire all our stakeholders to minimise their negative impact and maximise their positive impact on the world. And the United Nations Global Compact principles are here to help us reach that goal. As a UNGC signatory, we feel supported and motivated to give our best, to get better and better at sustainability every single day!

What does a sustainable strategy actually look like?

Our participation in the UN Global Compact influences our strategy. When you decide to place sustainability at the forefront, the first questions to ask yourself are not the same as in a more “classic” business strategy.

Rather than thinking about “what is our target?” and “how are we gonna win?”, you have to first think of your purpose: what kind of organisation do we want to be? How do we want to impact the world? What are the main expectations of our stakeholders?

By joining TGS, you start to see profit and the creation of value as tools for sustainable development rather than an end in itself.

In 2021, TGS focused on raising sustainability awareness and implementing the SDGs in the network through various actions, projects and campaigns.


Your network being a member of the UN Global Compact is an advantage for your company

At TGS, we are convinced of the importance of sustainability, but we also want to encourage it to be a priority in the strategy of all our member firms. Being a member of a network which is itself a member of the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative can only bring significant benefits to our partners!

Sustainable practices are indeed good for everything: good for society (environment, human rights…) but also good for business. Through your commitment to achieving sustainability, you increase your growth and your brand trust. Being part of the UN Global Compact through your TGS membership automatically gives you a strong and positive reputation. This reputation is among your customers of course but you also more likely to attract and retain motivated employees who care about making a difference.

TGS guides you and supports you in the implementation of certain SDGs that will keep your employees skilled, happy and in good health thanks to an optimal working environment and quality education.

Our motto “Think Global Sustainability” is more than ever at the heart of all the actions, projects and activities we carry out with our stakeholders.

Marc Desjardins, CEO TGS Global

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