TGS Global supports the 10 principles of United Nations Global Compact

Social responsibility
TGS Conference in Brussels 2018

TGS Global members respect and support international human rights. We encourage and adopt relevant principles into practices and values in the network: respect, valuing diversity among our clients and in our workplaces.

Our member firms are vigilant to ensure that they and none of their clients are complicit in human rights abuses.

TGS member firms are dedicated to ensuring that all labour standards are an active component of their daily working environment.

As a group and an international think tank we work hard to develop and implement policies and practices that encourage the adoption of such standards.

TGS Global and TGS Member firms care. We care about the way we treat our staff and we care about the impact we have on our society and environment.

We support the UN Global Compact Environment Principles and are committed to the protection of the world around us, including the prevention of pollution and the minimisation of our environmental impact through our operations and services.

We continually review and change the way we work so we can make a positive difference in the world around us.

TGS Global believes in business and business involves risk.  We take risks with care and we take the risks associated with corruption in all forms, including extortion and bribery extremely seriously.

Wherever possible, our members have procedures in place to assist in the detection of fraudulent activity within our business and the businesses of our clients. All our member firms are fully committed to ensuring that as soon as areas of corruption are identified, appropriate and necessary corrective action is taken.

As a network of professional service firms including lawyers, certified auditors and other accountancy and advisory professions, TGS Global is well-placed and especially committed to UN Global Compact Principle No.10.

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