TGS Americas Conference 2019

Americas Events

Members meet in Miami from the 30th to the 31st of May 2019

Over 15 members from more than 10 countries reunited for the TGS Regional Americas Conference, in Miami. An unprecedented occasion to exchange ideas, discuss projects, share opportunities and challenges.

Building the network our members want to be part of

As TGS works together to build tomorrow’s network and develop a shared service, these get togethers are increasingly important to ensure that our members’ voices are heard and their opinions are acted upon. TGS’s added value depends on our members’ expertise, innovational capacity and willingness to collaborate for the success of the individual firms within the network; the network as a whole and the betterment of society.

As we co-design our roadmap, thinking global sustainability leads us to question what is meaningful for TGS. Our consciousness, our creative thinking, and critical stance are at the heart of constructing a successful shared advisory service while living the TGS experience.

The conference in Miami highlighted our collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit as well as our capacity to understand others and bring together our vision for the future.

Introducing a new member

It was also a wonderful moment to introduce to the participants the new member from the USA: WTP Advisors. A new voice, new ideas, and an unprecedented knowledge of the US market.

TGS Global ensures trust, transparency and transfer of competences, and it is with pleasure and honour that we thank the members of the Americas for their joy and motivation to build this network and work hand in hand for a brighter future.

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