TGS welcomes a new member in the United States

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WTP Advisors’ core business

WTP Advisors is specialized in international tax consulting and transfer pricing. Their multidisciplinarity ensures a wide range of services for SMEs and enterprise-level corporations

Their competitive positioning also lies in their innovational capacity: WTP Advisors proposes powerful software tools adapted to their core business.

International positioning

Not only is WTP positioned in 14 states in the USA, WTP Advisors has an extensive domestic and international network of partners that allow the company to offer tailored services to its clients in all markets. Approximately 90% of their business is international-related.


Collaboration and quality services are at the heart of WTP

WTP Advisors places quality, and customer centricity at the heart of their business model. Understanding their clients and their business goals allows WTP to employ in-depth knowledge to meet clients’ needs and interests.

Built around a collaborative team of experts, the company differentiates itself via its agility and flexibility. The unique blend of people, process and technology allows for a forward-thinking approach to deliver long-term, optimized solutions.


Main services

  • International Tax
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Export Incentives
  • US Production Incentives
  • Compliance and Quantitative Analysis
  • Valuation Services
  • Federal Tax
  • UK Tax Services


For more information on their proposed services, please click here to visit their website.

We can provide a gateway into the US for TGS member firms and their clients. We understand how to work with people’s clients and provide high quality service.

Brian Schwam, Principal, National Managing Director in Charge of International Tax Services

WTP Advisors and TGS Global: moving forward together

WTP Advisors is a wonderful addition to our international network. We are proud to welcome this firm and look forward to working together to unleash the power of networking. The reciprocity of this relationship will ensure success for all current and future members of TGS.  


If you too want to benefit from the power of networking with TGS

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