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The ‘TGS Talks’ podcast shares everything that’s happening in the TGS network, so you get the maximum leverage from the benefits of your membership.


One of the key challenges of any organisation is sharing information. We recently posted on LinkedIN that, ‘KPI does not stand for Key Performance Indicators, but rather it stands for Keep People Interested, Keep People Informed, Keep People Involved, Keep People Inspired.’


Your ‘TGS Talks’ podcasts will:

  • keep you interested in the your network and the shared successes of your colleagues
  • keep you informed about actions and activities that might be of benefit to your firm,
  • keep you involved in the strategy and direction of TGS to make sure it’s a network you are proud to be a member of
  • keep you (and your teams) inspired to participate and to share your success


1. What is the network?

Best practice and best business. The network has the capacity to find the answers to all a professional service firm’s problems.

  • How can you increase revenue and margins?
  • How can your firm become future-proof?
  • How can you recruit successfully and retain key staff?


‘TGS Talks’ will share access to the experts who can help you.


2. What is the ‘TGS Talks’ podcast for?

To benefit fully from a network membership, you have to know what’s happening, where the value is and how to participate with the most effect.

‘TGS Talks’ helps you stay aware of potential development opportunities with an investment of only 10 minutes of you time every week. Listen in the car, in the gym or while you are brushing your teeth. No lost time.

Your firm is an a very different time-zone than more than 50% of the other member firms. ‘TGS Talks’ is a step towards ensuring you will never miss out on information and opportunities to collaborate with other member firms.



3. What’s coming this week? 

– TGS Annual Conference pre-conference podcasts

It’s easier to catch information if you’ve had a preview of what’s going to be talked about. It’s also a good idea to pre-formulate some questions for these speakers before you attend the conference as your brain will be much more alert during the sessions.

Listen to the pre-conference podcasts above and get ready to get maximum benefit in Miami.


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