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John is the Trans-Tasman and New Zealand Regional Councillor for Chartered Accountants and has worked with more than 35 accounting firms across New Zealand and Australia.

In his consulting work, John brings like-minded accounting firms together to discuss strategic planning. He takes firms through a thorough exploration of key elements that will guarantee positive step-by-step business improvement:

  • governance support
  • vision and values
  • organisational structure reviews
  • group and leadership coaching

What is required to create the firm of the future?

In the latest TGS Talks podcast, Andrew Menzies, Vice-President of TGS, discusses with John just what is required to create the firm of the future.  John helps leaders in accounting firms turn intention into action using a proven framework that gets them winning one step at a time.

In the TGS annual conference, John will stress the importance of growing with the client.

The key to your firm’s development is all about the way you add value. Move away from your  narrow, functional service lines to embrace a broader advisory services.

  • Are you recruiting the right people?
  • Are offering an environment that makes staff want to stay with you?
  • Are you constantly enhancing what you see as your firm’s core values?


You will be after 3 hours with John Schol.


Find our more about John’s presentation at the TGS annual conference in Dubai.


The TGS Talks podcast series is now available on Spotify

In the car, in the bath or on your morning run, TGS Talks can help you maintain a sustainable professional services firm wherever you are.


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