TGS Annual Conference 2022

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Agile, Conscious, and Together from 2012 to 2022 to 2032

The TGS Firm of the Future in The Network of the Future

Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th November

Join us for the TGS Conference in Dubai for a celebration of 10 years of the TGS network, 3 networking dinners and 3 networking lunches with managing partners from within the 68 global member firms of TGS. You will also benefit from business development takeaways, be inspired by shared service ideas, participate in team-building and marketing events that will boost your firm’s local profile and reinforce your employer brand.

Audit, accounting, advisory, tax and legal professional service firms have experienced incredible disruption in the last 10 years. Is what worked while you were developing your firm over the last 10 going to continue being a lever for your success over the next 10 years?

During the conference, we will be exploring what the successful firm will look like in 2032 and why TGS member firms will be among them. You will learn how to grow your firm by providing higher value services, effectively promoting and finding clients for these services and at the same time sustainably recruiting.


Conference Agenda


The TGS annual (10th Anniversary) conference is in Dubai this year and our theme is The Future.

The Agenda for the Conference is now complete and it’s 100% focussed on leveraging the benefits of your TGS membership. You are going to need a very big notebook for insight and actionable take-aways. 


Day One

CONSCIOUS – Opening our Minds to Future Success

A visit to the Museum of the Future to put client needs and potential strategy for your firms into the spotlight. 

Meetings of the TGS Shareholders and TGS Ambassadors. 

Dinner with the conference keynote speakers who will give an entertaining and insightful view of what’s to come in the during the conference. 


Day Two

TOGETHER – Concrete working sessions to delivery actionable strategy

Meetings of the TGS interest groups: Audit and Tax

Best Practice in Business Development

Workshop with industry expert Jason Langford Brown. The way we sell in the last 10 years has changed…and it’s still changing. Jason and TGS will help you stay ahead of the curve with this session and three follow-up sessions between Dubai and our next regional conference in May 2023. 


Effective Recruitment Strategies. 

Workshop with HR superstar, Dominique Austin Bruno. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll come away with an action plan to solve your hiring problem. To make sure you move forward with the action plan we have four follow up sessions with Dominique to keep you no track to success. 


Dinner with the Cross Border Working Group 

An inspiring and amusing presentation by the members of the TGS Cross Border Working Group. A success story of TGS members working together to create value that will also benefit your firm. 


Day Three

AGILE – Small Steps to make Huge Transformations in your firm and your network. 

Meetings of the TGS interest groups:  Innovation & Accounting and Legal

Caseware International

Tools, training and discounts with a presentation to promote the beginning of our negotiated and privileged relationship with Caseware International. 


TGS Label

We have been working hard to create a non-financial auditing tool to create direct business for your firm, to open doors and to position your firm as an industry leader in Sustainable Reporting, Investment and Development. The future is now for TGS members. 


Your Firm is the Firm of the Future 

Three part workshop with John Schol, award winning and visionary leader of Malloch McLean,  Audit and Accounting Firm in NZ. John has already created the firm on the future and will help you do the same. 

  • Part 01: Your Business Development from now to 2030
  • Part 02: Your Capacity to support your business development
  • Part 03: Your International Network to leverage your success. 


Ping Pong Challenge

Great photos, great team-building and great promotional content for all TGS firms. 


Conference Goodies

You will be very, very happy with the work we have been doing to make sure you leave this year’s TGS global conference with a bag of tricks you will find immediately and sustainably useful. Our surprise gift will delight you, lift your skillset and bring you business. 


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