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TGS U training helps member firms grow their advisory revenue

TGS U helps member firms grow recurring advisory revenue

10 TGS member firms are taking part in an Advisory Services Accelerator Group this year. The Gap and the TGS Advisory Revenue Accelerator Program provide all the content, training, and support needed to market, sell, and deliver Business Advisory services.

The TGS/GAP Advisory Accelerator Program is one of the cornerstone elements of TGS U in 2022.


A systematic process for your advisory team to grow revenue

The TGS / Gap Advisory Accelerator Program provides member firms with fully systemised processes and education to market, sell and deliver Business Advisory and Improvement Services to their clients.

Junior partners or colleagues on the partnership track usually follow this program.  It is an easy process to follow and offers direct, quick and measurable business results. There is also lots of support available.

We provide your advisory revenue growth team templates for emailing, presentations, evaluation and follow up. It is a complete system and can save you 5 years of development time.

There are three key advantages to the TGS / Gap Advisory Accelerator Program. Each of these advantages will help your firm grow sustainable recurring revenue.


Proven and Practical

The Gap is used successfully by around 450 of accounting firms. This is not a hype and hope project.


Sustainable Recurring Revenue

All the firms who currently use this process build monthly recurring revenue through the delivery of ‘best business practice’ services to clients.


Soft Skills for Life

Participants learn skills in communication, speaking wider than the numbers, selling, and showing empathy. These aren’t skills we were raised with or taught at accounting school.



The information videos are providing bundles of information for the TGS / GAP Advisory Accelerator program, and I just can’t wait to move forward.

Cavern Cheng, Managing Partner, TGS Nortex, China

Increase the growth of your firm with recurring advisory revenue in 2022

Whether you are a director, practice manager or business developer in your firm, TGSU has the right training and content to help you grow.

TGS member firm business advisors have got their clients’ entire business journey covered. From facilitating their annual one page Business Plan, to structured coaching, cashflow improvement, right through to Succession Planning and everything in between.

TGS is a multidisciplinary network that provides audit, accounting, advisory, tax and legal services. Each member firm helps their national and international clients’  develop sustainably.

Watch the videos for more information about growing advisory revenue or contact us directly.  You could take part in this or other courses and programs offered in TGS U.

Would you like to grow your advisory revenue?

Help your firm market, sell and deliver advisory services. Participate in the TGS / GAP Advisory Accelerator Program.

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