Accelerating small business success with advisory services

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Improve ROI from your team using a systemised approach to sell advisory services.

Why we developed the TGS Gap Accelerator Group

TGS member firms often want to expand their service offering to include systemised advisory services. This can be a difficult task and is the GAP’s core purpose: Accountants accelerating small business success.

The Gap+TGS Accelerator Program allows the modern Accountant to provide the 3 essential services (as well as many others) that all SME’s need:

  1. An annual business plan
  2. An annual forecast
  3. On-going Reporting with Accountability meetings


The Gap+TGS Accelerator Program will allow you to seamlessly market, sell, and deliver these 3 essential services and build monthly recurring revenue. This group will also help you accelerate the implementation of these and other advisory services. It is very easy program to follow with clear steps, ready prepared materials and support.

By joining this group, you’ll have regular access to like-minded TGS Accountants, and a Gap representative, to bounce ideas off each other, and hear about best practice in the Advisory space.

Our TGS Gap Accelerator Group provides a valuable network within the network to support you to better implement Advisory services and unlock your firm’s true potential. This group provides you with monthly online workshops.

The TGS Gap Accelerator Group is for you if

  • You’re struggling to find time for you or your ‘Young Guns’ to get to Business Development and Advisory services
  • You feel overwhelmed and are struggling to gain traction in Advisory
  • You’d value having a business network to discuss ideas, challenges, and proven improvement strategies
  • You wish to fast track your results without re-inventing the wheel or making mistakes that others have made!


Achieve sustainable business growth by securing your place in the Gap+TGS Accelerator Program today.

What is involved?

You’ll attend monthly virtual workshops where you’ll

  • Learn topical insights, such as how to implement education marketing, improve onboarding efficiency, hold better meetings, build capacity, deliver seamless Business Development and Advisory services, and adopt best practice
  • Have open forum discussions about burning issues and best practice
  • Identify the three most important things to complete between meetings to achieve results


We’ll provide pre-work for you to complete prior to each session to ensure you identify any issues you’d like to address; allowing us to prepare any necessary resources prior to the session.


Benefits of the TGS Gap Accelerator Group

  • Eliminate overwhelm, procrastination and stress
  • Improve ROI from your team using a systemised approach
  • Network with non-competing firms
  • Access expert facilitators
  • Feedback ideas for improved support to help you achieve your goals
  • Identify, prioritise and define key actions needed following each meeting
  • Implement best practice to grow your advisory revenue


Watch the short introductory webinar from TGS Month for a good overview:

Achieve sustainable business growth by selling advisory services

Secure your place in the Gap+TGS Accelerator Program

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