Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Technology Adoption for CPAs

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New Podcast Episode with Dr. Sabine Charles

Dr. Sabine Charles shares insights from her research and books that could provide useful ideas for CPAs and firms. She discusses topics like emotional intelligence, leadership, technology adoption, and change management and how they relate to CPA work and organization. 

As “The CPA Doctor,” Dr Sabine is a celebrated leadership and personal development expert. As the CEO of Charles Financial Strategies and TAPA Institute, she channels her profound knowledge to aid personal and organizational success. With vast experience in research, teaching, and consulting, she’s authored books, including “Leadership MEQ.”

Juggling roles as a working mother, Dr. Charles has earned both a Master’s in Accounting and a Doctorate in Business Administration, showcasing her dedication to continuous learning. Often featured on popular podcasts, she offers transformative insights. As a writer, speaker, and mentor, she’s a pivotal figure in the professional realm.

Dr Sabine Charles
My most recent academic paper talks about emotional intelligence. It's especially important in today's remote work environments where personal connections are lacking.

Dr. Sabine Charles, "The CPA Doctor"

The podcast also touches on topics like adopting new technologies, managing resistance to change, and growth mindsets. Dr. Charles provides insights on gradually introducing changes and involving employees in decision making.

CPAs and professional services firms will find valuable takeaways about leadership, technology, and change management. Members are encouraged to listen to learn more about Dr. Charles’ experience and ideas before she presents a workshop on creating an effective pitch at the upcoming Miami conference.

Listen to the TGS Talks podcast episode here:

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