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New members TGS U

TGS member firms in South East Europe meeting to discuss development strategy and the new TGS Romania website

TGS membership benefits in action February and March 2022

Network membership gives your firm greater meaning, brand awareness, network capacity, business development, staff development, industry insights and quality assurance.

Earlier this year we talked about the benefits of being a member of the TGS network. This was split into seven essential areas of how being a member of an international network will benefit your firm.

We have digested those 7 chunks of benefits into 3 key areas where a professional service firm offering audit, accounting, advisory, tax and commercial legal services would benefit from membership of TGS: Quality, Development and Insight.

Enjoying the excellent client experience or TGS member firm in Ireland, GBW

TGS quality wins new clients

User experience is increasingly important to win new clients and to secure your existing clients. A focus on sustainability will also win you new clients and help your firm retain your existing clients. Both aspects will also help you recruit and retain staff.

Read our article about the TGS Client Experience and our recent Corporate Social Responsibility success story where a TGS member firm describes how they are using ESG to develop their own business and that of their clients.

TGS Global Service Line Group

TGS Global Service Line group meeting to discuss Transfer Pricing, Global Intangibles and Advisory Services.

TGS helps member firms develop their business and develop their staff

TGS network member firms can receive training to help with business development and staff development.


New Global Service Lines
In February we held meetings with the Global Service Line group to continue working on programs to offer Transfer Pricing services, Global Intangible Service and Strategy and Advisory services. TGS member firms share best practices which benefit each other.


Sales Development
This March we relaunch the popular Sales Training Course in three levels which will run in monthly sessions from March to November. Registrations are now open.

Level 1: From first call to first handshake.
Level 2: Key account management
Level 3: Negotiation


If you would like some of your team to benefit from this sales training, they can sign up directly on the TGS U webpage. If you are not a member of TGS and you would like to explore how your team could increase their sales, management and negotiation skills, please reach out to our TGS U team.


Regional Development Groups
TGS hosts monthly regional meetings to help member firms in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Americas can share contacts, development opportunities and joining marketing initiatives.


Often a member firm will have a client in another member’s region and these are perfect opportunities to offer joint services or approach new clients with a strong recommendation from a colleague.

Registrations for the March regional development groups are open.


Dana Cornea records the TGS Inspiring Future Generations podcast

TGS member firms gain industry insight through committee meetings, podcasts and articles


TGS Committees

TGS workgroups and committees meet once a month to explore international best practice. These sessions go beyond what you will read in newspapers, magazines and reports. All information and ideas are direct from leading professionals and will help keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Find out how you can take part in the TGS Audit, Tax, Legal or Innovation & Technology Committee.


TGS Inspiring Future Generations Podcast

Episode 1: Pelumi Odutola


There are many ways to stay connected with TGS to benefit from our quality, development and industry insights.

We’re on LinkedIN
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Explore how TGS membership could benefit your firm.

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