TGS Shared Services Online Pitch Event

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Why an online Shared Services Event?

Margaux Cottin-Ameztoy, intern with TGS Global organised this short online event for members (and the wider world) to discover Shared Services TGS Global member firms are developing. TGS Global members have been so busy preparing and developing their shared services that Margaux thought it would be good to have a quick look at each service before holding some webinars to dig a little deeper into the ideas.

We found out more (and quickly) about services being developed and shared within the TGS Global network.

Perhaps you will can use one of these services or maybe this service will be suitable for you to deliver to your market.

Maybe your clients will be interested in this service?


  • Here is the list of services that were pitched during the 30-minute event:


Digital transformation consulting: PGK Consultores, ARGENTINA

MindMapping & Communication: Athena, ITALY

Added Human Value & Franchising: TGS France, FRANCE



Digital Audit: TGS Edisa, SPAIN

Network Platform: TGS Nortex, CHINA

Content Creation: AU & Partners, INDONESIA

iGaming: Nouv MT, MALTA

Business Process Outsourcing: HmAC Chartered Accountants, BANGLADESH

What will happen next?

Each of the services will be presented in more depth in an individual webinar in September. So if any of the pitches catch your attention you will be able to find out more then.

Remember, Remember, Shared Service September!

Did you miss the TGS Shared Services Pitch Livestream?

Don’t worry – you can watch it here (30mins) on TGS TV

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