Effective Communication for Legal Service Providers


Date : 24 June 2020
Time : 11AM CEST (Paris Time)
Fees : €595 (€0 for TGS Members)

Have you ever felt like you are out of time, with too many things in front of you? Do you find it difficult to manage your thoughts and keep all your ideas in one place? Then, when you finally have your thoughts in order and you have to communicate this to a client, a colleague or a service provider they don’t understand you properly (even if they say they do) and then they go and do the opposite of what you need.

The solution is to improve your communication skills

TGS is inviting you to participate in a 1h30 training course for legal service providers. In this companion course to our Mind Mapping for Legal Services Course, Stefano will be sharing his expertise in Effective Communication.

You will learn how to

      • Listen to understand someone else’s logic
      • Organise your own logic to be understood
      • Speak effectively with other people
      • Attract attention to be heard first time
      • Be more persuasive

Participate in this 90 minute course and you may never have to repeat yourself again. As the Talking Heads said, “Say something once. Why say it again?”. 

Be better, be more effective to be faster and be more efficient.

“I don’t spend hours explaining what I need done again and again. I don’t have to correct my team’s work and make sure they get what I want. They get it and they get it right first time. With effective communication, you can get things done too.”

Faculty and guest speakers :

Stefano Faraoni is an International Lawyer, Adjunct Professor in Legal English and English Language at University of Turin and a highly respected Public Speaking and Negotiation Teacher and Conference Speaker.

Stefano is managing partner of Athena Law Firm in Turin and member of TGS Global. The firm manages International Contracts, Business Advisory, Civil and Criminal Law, Company Law.

Details :

A recording can be distributed if you cannot attend the live course
Questions and interaction are encouraged
Pre-work will be distributed for you before the live training course

Effective Communication for Legal Service Providers

24 June 2020, 11AM CEST (Paris Time),  € 595 (€0 for TGS Members)

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