Effective Client Listening


Client Listening Insights from Paul Roberts

In the professional services sector, understanding clients’ needs is pivotal to success. Yet, traditional methods of client listening are no longer sufficient. Paul Roberts, CEO of My Customer Lens, has a groundbreaking approach, transforming how firms engage with client feedback.

Beyond the Straight Line

For years, firms have relied on linear methods of gathering feedback: conduct a survey, write a report, and hope for the best. Paul says (and you will agree) that this is an outdated practice. What’s better is a cycle of continuous feedback, a dynamic process that fosters constant improvement and innovation.

Gathering Signals

Client listening is about collecting diverse signals — from market trends, operational data, and even informal conversations. MyCustomerLens accurately interprets these signals and gives invaluable insights into improving you client experiences, product development, and relationship building.

Driving Action with Data

Roberts emphasizes the need to begin with the end in mind. Firms should identify what information is essential for making informed decisions in marketing, business development, and client relations, and then work backward to determine how to collect this data. It’s not just about having the right tools; it’s about asking the right questions to gather signals that drive action.

Law Firms Lead the Charge

Currently, law firms are at the forefront of adopting this approach, thanks to existing client listening roles within their organizations. They’re using innovative methods to automate the collection and analysis of feedback, allowing them to focus on the ‘fun stuff’ — using insights to create a competitive edge.

The Challenge for Accountancy

Accountancy firms, however, face challenges with decentralized client listening practices. Without a centralized role to drive the initiative, efforts remain scattered. The key to success lies in a unified approach that aligns the entire firm towards a common goal of truly understanding and responding to client needs.

 It’s an opportunity for professionals across all sectors to learn how to harness client feedback effectively and turn it into a strategic advantage.


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