Collaboration is crucial in the era of digital transformation


In business, the term “digital transformation” refers to a radical, sustained overhaul of organizational competencies, activities and processes. Companies must re-focus their strategies and adopt agile, innovative and customer-facing business models in order to tap potential opportunities.

TGS member firms recognise the need for faster deployment of a ‘digital strategy’ to fit changing customer expectations as well as socio-economic and social shifts. These changes are disrupting our core business. Automation, for example, is a recurring topic across the financial services and fintech sector.

Surfing the digital transformation wave

From TGS Edisa to TGS France, our network is optimizing our strategies via new digital processes. Member firms worldwide have developed innovative practices featuring holistic approaches and higher degrees of commoditization.

Livli, founded by Anthony Perez, a partner at TGS France, is a perfect illustration of our achievements in this area. Livli is an online chartered accountancy company aimed at small french businesses. The firm is organised around two main pillars:

1 – Providing local SMEs with a personalized set of functionalities for accounting and visualising past and present operations within a single platform;

2 – Ensuring these same clients have access to dedicated professional services that address customer needs on-demand, in real-time.



  • Livli provides an adaptable service offering and has had considerable success. Although only created in 2017, Livli already has over 400 clients and aims to reach 1,000 in 2020.
Accountancy is not about to disappear, but automated accounting has never been easier. We have to change the way we work, and do things differently. This is what we have to develop in TGS over the coming months and years

Anthony Perez, founder of Livli, partner at TGS France

Collaboration is crucial for innovation

When facing the digital transformation, being part of a network is the key. Collaboration and empowering skilled employees enhance agility and innovation capacity, and ensure international coverage in line with market demand. TGS is keenly aware that the digital transformation extends far beyond technological considerations, encompassing processes and people, with implications in numerous areas, including the customer experience, risk optimization and digital fulfilment.

Our network leverages the potential of the digital business transformation beyond boundaries by involving multiple stakeholders and defining a clear roadmap with and for all member firms.


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