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Natasha Heron, host of ‘Tax Able with Tash’ Podcast

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UK TGS member, Hillier Hopkins are UK tax experts. Hillier Hopkins sponsor a series of podcasts to demystify the world of UK tax. The UK tax information podcast is called ‘Tax Able with Tash’ is written and presented by Natasha Heron (Tash). 

Tax Able with Tash gives entrepreneurs insight into how some of the key UK taxes work. Tash hopes to empower entrepreneurs to be able to make better decisions. To help grow a business, it’s important to know when to seek advice and where to find the right advice. 

Lively UK tax information podcast

Tash has an enthusiastic approach to tax. Tax information is often dull and thought of as a topic to avoid unless you work in the city or you are already a tax expert. ‘Tax Able with Tash’ makes ‘tax talk’ a lively discussion about how tax affects us (and entrepreneurs) every day (and what we can do about it). It’s a friendly podcast sharing friendly expertise. 

You will find that all advice you get from Hillier Hopkins, or any other TGS member firm will be friendly expertise. 

Tax Able with Tash
It has been a dream of mine to start a podcast about tax so I couldn’t be happier that this project is finally coming to life

Natasha Heron, SDLT and Property Tax Specialist and host of Tax Able with Tash

New episodes of ‘Tax Able with Tash’ are released every week

Season 1 

Tax Able with Tash launched in November 2021. Tash goes back to basics and discusses the tax implications of twelve different topics. Tax can be overwhelming, so each topic has been broken down into bite-size pieces to get listeners thinking about the implications for their business.

Season 2 

Tax Able with Tash, launching in March 2022, Tash goes out to industry and talks to entrepreneurs, presenting real life tax case studies to help listeners understand how tax works in practice.


Where can you listen to ‘Tax Able with Tash’? 

Tax Able Website

Apple podcasts



Player fm

Or simply search ‘Tax Able with Tash’ into your favourite app to listen. To find out more about Tax Able with Tash or to subscribe to the podcast, click here to visit her website.


How does UK tax policy affect international operations?

For all your questions on UK tax or how UK tax policy might affect your international operations don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tash. 

For more information about tax anywhere else in the world, don’t hesitate to contact TGS. We have tax experts in 70 countries around the world.


Watch the TGS Live interview with Natasha.


Every TGS member can help solve your local tax issues with Friendly expertise. 


TGS has tax experts in 70 countries

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