UNGC Evolves, TGS Adapts

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Fella Imalhayene, CEO Global Compact France.


Viktor Beekman, Sustainability Accelerator at TGS (Intern).

Development of the UNGC

We had the pleasure to meet with Fella Imalhayene, CEO of Global Compact France. She gave us interesting insights about the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) program. During the interview we talked discussed, among other things, how the UNGC can boost your business:

  • The structure of the Global Compact
  • The different ways to participate to UNGC
  • The way larger companies can help SME’s to engage
  • How sustainability can help your business survive
  • How participants can benefit from the program
  • Engagement by business sector
  • Importance of advisors/financial prof. services to the program


Make sure to follow us closely on LinkedIn as we explore the ideas that Fella shared with us in the upcoming weeks.

It’s good to have a global vision, but you still need to leave flexibility for the local to develop.

Fella Imalhayene

TGS learning process

We have already come a long way during our first year in the program, but its an ongoing process for both the network and our member firms. We work hand in hand with the UN Global Compact to integrate their advancements into our business strategy. Fella stressed that as a global network we have a large advantage over other participants:

  • TGS is a global network that can be used to communicate the values of the program internationally.
  • TGS is a community that together can impact at a macro and micro level, by the way we do business and by supporting local initiatives.

Additionally, she gave us crucial advice on the next steps that TGS can take, for example:

  • We should have a global vision but leave space for the local initiatives to develop.
  • She also stated that with our compliance and audit expertise we are the perfect body to work on anti-corruption.
  • That as advisors we will be able to transmit sustainable business practices to others.

Our members benefit

As we continue exploring sustainable development practices we make sure our member firms can benefit from this.

They are the local element to our global vision and by channeling the TGS values they can turn this vision into action.

Important projects for our cause, like Womennovator, Sustainable BPO and involvement with Kutsaca can have a bigger impact thanks to the reach and reputation of our international business network.

Would you like to be part of TGS and work on Sustainable Development together?

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