TGS measures against COVID-19

Social responsibility

As the impact and geographical reach of COVID-19 grows with every passing day the effects are increasingly felt by TGS members, clients and staff. In France, the situation is challenging us to prove our agility to continue working for the network and to ensure the well-being of the TGS community.

Some of the recent measures we have adopted at TGS Global:

> Operational TGS team

Thanks to today’s technology we can easily work from home to respect the curfew policies that have been implemented by several governments. We can also continue to advance our TGS projects and the schedule of activities proposed for 2020. We are reasonably familiar working on planes, trains and hotel lobbies and now we can add ‘home-office’ to that list.

> Regional Conferences

TGS Global members from EMEA, ASIA-PACIFIC, AMERICAS meet together once a year for TGS regional conferences. To make this year’s online conference experience unique and enriching, we will use virtual tools to hold virtual seminars with conference elements, workgroups and workshops.

This is a TGS conference so prepare to be surprised, challenged and delighted. It will not be boring. We are aiming to let you (all TGS members and work teams) experience the cutting edge of remote working.

> Travel

All national and international trips have been postponed with the aim of preserving the well-being of the team and our members. It is for this reason that we opted to use videoconferencing and international calls to hold the meetings scheduled to date.

> Decision making

The TGS board continue to take the necessary measures so that the work of the network continues. Regular video-conference board meetings keep essential issues on the table and decisions are made as the situation evolves.

The TGS Global team sends you a special greeting at this time of global unpredictability. Take care of your work teams, your clients and your families.

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