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TGS ESG focus

TGS has an ESG focus. It’s good for the network and it’s good for business.

TGS CSR Project Manager, Marcela Vargas, gave a presentation during the TGS regional seminars in Berlin and Miami. She explained to TGS members the ESG focus of the network and invited TGS firms to engage even more in sustainability.

How important are ESG initiatives for SMEs?

Sustainability is part of the TGS DNA. It is important to be aware of our impact, not only with the environment issues, but also to be aware of the rights of our workers, to fight against corruption and to work ethically with clients and stakeholders.

Our participation in the United Nations Global Compact for 4 years reinforces our commitment to sustainability. This participation has allowed us to define concrete and ambitious objectives in the short and long term.

A few years ago the idea of being “sustainable” was not a priority for companies. They were focused on profit and employment growth, “whatever happens’. However, in recent years we have seen how this has been changing and especially for SMEs.

SMEs are big contributors to job creation and global economic development. They represent about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide.

TGS partner with UNESCO in ESG focus for education

We have developed a roadmap where we have defined the objectives and today we are focusing our actions and projects on 8 SDGs. We want to develop actions in each of these SDGs that are related to our businesses and that create a real social, environmental and economic impact.

A few months ago we contacted UNESCO to suggest a collaboration on an educational project and thus reinforce the actions we have carried out in quality education. During the COVID 19 crisis, schools, educational institutions, universities closed. Many children and young students were left without receiving an education.

UNESCO launched a program called Global Education Coalition. It was joined by more than 200 companies to help through their specialties to provide virtual eclucation to those millions of children and young students.

Within this program there are 3 missions. One of them is the Global Skills Academy that aims to offer students employability skills. And this is where TGS participate!

What benefits can an ESG strategy bring to your firm?

TGS members offer internship opportunities and future employment opportunities.

The UNESCO global skills project will allow us to create an impact in our local community while participating in a global movement to help new generations integrate into the world of work.

We will continue to develop projects like this in the coming years for each of the SDGs. We invite you to participate and be part of these initiatives.

An ESG strategy brings many benefits to your firm:

  • Attract talented young people
  • Retain and attract new customers
  • Reinforce the brand image
My main mission at TGS is to accompany TGS members towards the creation of more sustainable firms

Marcela Vargas, TGS CSR Project Manager

Our commitment must be real and turn into concrete actions and ambitious projects in which we involve employees, customers and stakeholders.

Today, 55% of TGS members communicate to their clients about sustainability issues. We have to increase this trend and offer quality services in line with our ambition to become a network of sustainable companies.

A more equitable and sustainable world will involve innovative solutions from our businesses. Our TGS quality program is a tool member firms can apply to their clients.

We had this client perspective during the TGS regional seminars workshops. This allowed us to take a step more towards our TGS sustainability project.

The TGS network commitment to sustainability

TGS CSR & marketing project manager, Marcela Vargas, gave a presentation during the TGS regional seminars in Berlin and Miami.

She reminded our members of the importance of integrating an ESG strategy and encouraged network members to engage more in sustainability for TGS to reinforce its position as a network of sustainable firms.

Think Global Sustainability

TGS helps member firms and their clients integrate ESG strategies

Find out how we make these a success

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