My experience as an intern in TGS Global

Social responsibility

Margaux Cottin

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Margaux, I’m a French student passionate about international work. I’m studying the globalisation strategy of firms at the University of Poitiers. In order to validate my 2 year of Masters degree, I had to do a 6-month internship; and here I am at TGS Global.

What did I do?

I had the chance to work with all the TGS team, which meant that my tasks were very diverse and important. I worked on the Communication on Progress (COP) for the UN Global Compact (UNGC), but also on network communication in general. Due to the COVID-19 situation, our regional conferences 2020 were held online, this allowed me to contribute to the organization of these events but also to participate. It was really enriching to participate in such events.

What was it like working with TGS?

It was amazing, a good mix of seriousness and fun. The TGS team is very international. I was quickly integrated into this dynamic and welcoming team. Because of the COVID-19 situation, my internship could have been disrupted. But the TGS team did not abandon me, on the contrary, they trusted me all the more. There is a real dynamic in this team that makes the network successful, and I’m glad to have been part of the team for 6 months.

Thanks to TGS, I traveled while staying at home. I am proud to have been part of the adventure. Thank you TGS Global!

Margaux Cottin

What did I learn working with TGS?

I learned in many areas. First I improved my English because we speak English almost all the time. Also, I have new skills in terms of communication, of course, writing an article, creating posters, etc. I learned to work at home and not next to my colleagues because TGS Global is an international network, it was easy to implement teleworking.
The most important is that I gained confidence in myself, thanks to the trust that the network team showed in me.

What I am going next?

I’ve already knew that I wanted to work in an international environment and my internship at TGS Global has only reinforced my choice. First I’m finishing my Master’s degree thesis and I will search for my first official job as an employee and not a student. I don’t know clearly what I want to do, but for sure I want to work with international people.

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