Debunking Climate myths #Planet

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Climate Myth: “The Earth’s climate has always changed, so current climate change is natural.”

Climate Reality Check: While it’s true that the Earth’s climate has experienced natural variations over geological time scales, the current rapid warming is primarily attributed to human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels. The overwhelming consensus among climate scientists is that human-induced factors, such as increased greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and industrial processes, are the dominant drivers[1] of the observed warming since the mid-20th century. The rate and scale of contemporary climate change far exceed natural variability, pointing to the significant impact of human influence on the climate system.

The evidence supporting human-induced climate change falls into multiple distinct lines of research. Firstly, simple chemistry shows that burning carbon-based materials emits carbon dioxide (CO2). Measurements[2] of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and ice reveal unprecedented levels not seen in nearly a million years. Physics demonstrates that CO2 absorbs heat[3]. Monitoring climate conditions[4] reveals warming in air, sea, and land, accompanied by melting ice and rising sea levels. Lastly, a robust 97% consensus[5] among publishing climate scientists affirm that human activities drive global warming. Multiple indicators, including rising CO2 levels, unprecedented warming, and specific atmospheric signatures linked to fossil fuel combustion, point unequivocally to human-induced climate change.

These findings deny the notion of climate change as a natural process, emphasising the imperative for urgent mitigation efforts to address human-induced global warming.


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