Blue Earth Capital- investing in the ‘missing middle’

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Blue Earth Capital- investing in the ‘missing middle’

BlueEarth Capital’s private equity climate impact strategy, the BlueEarth Climate Strategy, has secured $378 million in investor commitments.

The strategy includes $308 million from the BlueEarth Climate Growth Fund I, along with an additional $70 million from LPs in a tailored mandate and co-investments.

The fund focuses on equity investments in growth-stage companies addressing climate change.

BlueEarth aims to support these companies in scaling their operations and achieving continued growth while leveraging its climate and investment expertise.

The fund targets investments in North America and Europe, with a focus on accelerating the net-zero transition and promoting a circular economy.

BlueEarth’s success in attracting investor commitments reflects the importance of for-profit impact investing in addressing global climate challenges.

The strategy aligns with five key themes: energy transition, buildings & mobility, climate intelligence, production & consumption, and food & agriculture.

BlueEarth implements a dedicated impact framework aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to ensure measurable and tangible impact across its investments.

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