Behind one color, a panoply of member firms

Social responsibility

TGS Members gather at the EMEA Conference


TGS is an international network of independent firms.

Behind our united brand lays a multicultural fabric. A fabric we have worked to weave and build bridges between our communities. 

At TGS we believe that diversity is a strength. However, we go further than merely accepting this diversity – we embrace it and continually strive for more. Marc Desjardins, during an interview for Forbes Asia, Foreign Affairs, states that we are a living ecosystem built on our unique diversity.

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Our members communicate, share ideas and apply their expertise and know how to understand and adapt to disruptive technologies and emerging business practices. 

United we can build a better future

As a network, it is our role to encourage individuality while nurturing collaboration. It is our capacity to mix, melt and manage our diversity that leads to our success and lays the path for a brighter future. 

Thanks to our diversity, our network is more innovative and more collaborative.

Marc Desjardins, President of TGS

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members for their belief in each other and their willingness to work together. 


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