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Come back in 5 years and there will be 100 people in this photo!

A ten-year plan? We’ll do it in five

Audit, accounting and advisory firm, TGS Edlund & Partners have motivated staff, an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong brand. The firm was created in 2013 when Jens Edlund left the Big4 to start his own firm. They now have a new office in Östersund, Sweden. 

With Deloitte, I felt we were concentrating too much on larger firms and using too much of a templated approach. My father was an entrepreneur, I really enjoy helping businesses achieve their entrepreneurial goals and I wanted to be an entrepreneur. It made sense to start my own firm.

Jens Edlund, Managing Partner TGS Edlund & Partners

TGS Edlund & Partners go ‘fully orange’ in 2023

Edlund & Partners joined the TGS network, signing during the pandemic in 2020 to become TGS Edlund & Partners. The firm has been gradually adopting the network branding to become ‘fully orange’ this year with announcements and unveilings to both staff and clients during the 10 year anniversary and inauguration event on the 28th September. 

As a TGS shareholder, Jens effectively owns the network. With this perspective and with his positions as both TGS Regional Leader and member of the TGS Strategic Council, no-one will be telling Jens what to do and his firm will have full network support and freedom to achieve their entrepreneurial business goals. 

TGS Edlund & Partners’ most recent team members, Network President Marc and Vice-President Andrew visited the firm’s offices in Östersund for two days this September. One day to participate in the inauguration of a new office and a second day to participate in ‘TGS Edlund and Partners Conference Day’, an annual event to motivate and congratulate the team. 

The TGS network management were delighted to see how entrepreneurial the Swedish TGS member firm is and how welcoming their 45-strong team were. They were also delighted to hear that every member of the team they met was happy to work at TGS Edlund & Partners.

I worked in the Big4 previously and did not enjoy the atmosphere. I found it very unpleasant to work in such anonymity and strict hierarchy. I love working with TGS Edlund & Partners. I have responsibility and great support from the whole team

Mattias Frogner Persson, Audit Manager, TGS Edlund & Partners

200 clients visit TGS Edlund & Partners new office in Sweden

TGS Edlund & Partners set up shop in a beautiful old building in Östersund. They now occupy three floors of a converted fire station in the center of town, in the heart of the business community and in the local university campus.

Horse-drawn fire engines used to leave the building to go and put out fires locally but now businesses come to the station to have their fires put out with TGS Edlund & Partners services of audit, accounting, tax, payroll and advisory. 

Being close to a university is also a strategic location for recruiting the brightest young audit and accounting students. Partner, Andreas Wassberg, is an associate professor at the University. 

During the office inauguration, over 200 clients visited the converted fire station to say hello. They visited the new office floor, took part in a ribbon-cutting opening ceremony during which one client said:

“It’s amazing what Edlund & Partners have achieved in 10 years. Going from 1 member of staff to 45 is just breathtaking in such a competitive local market”. 

200 clients visit TGS Edlund & Partners new office

TGS Edlund & Partners, TGS regional hub in the Nordic and Baltic region

Jens explained to his team during the conference days that alongside their plan to be the firm for SMEs, ‘the future is orange’ for the firm. It’s also clear for Jens that TGS Edlund & Partners are going to be a TGS leader in the Nordic and Baltic region. 

‘We’re a bit lonely at the moment in the Nordic corner of TGS’, Jens joked, ‘so we’re going to be looking for ambitious and internationally focused audit and accounting firms like us in Norway, Denmark and Finland to join us’. 

This is all part of the Swedish TGS member firm’s strategy to go from a local firm of choice for SMEs to regional leader in the provision of audit, accounting and advisory services, to a key international player in the next ten years. 

TGS Edlund and Partners

Camilla Lindqvsit, Partner, in the new TGS Lounge

New Structure for new efficient development

TGS Edlund and Partner’s management team have been restructuring roles and responsibilities to ensure the capacity to double in size in the next ten years. They have also appointed partner, Tony Sjölund, as International Business Coordinator

Jens is also confident about the next steps and in the growing firm’s ability to reach the firm’s goals. When asked about his 10 year plan to double in size, become a regional leader for audit, accounting, payroll and ESG advisory services and the Nordic centre of excellence within TGS, Jens said, “It’s a ten year development plan, but with TGS behind us, we’ll do it in five”. 


It’s a ten year plan, but with TGS behind us we’ll do it in five

Jens Edlund, Managing Partner, TGS Edlund & Partners

Reach your development goals faster

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