TGS Balkans Meeting in Athens 2021

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TGS Hellas managing partners with TGS President and TGS VP International Development in Athens

TGS Balkans provide a quality, regional, mid-tier network approach for larger clients in South East Europe.

TGS firms from Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia and Cyprus met in Athens, Greece for a regional conference of TGS South East Europe on the 18th December 2021. 

The Balkans, a collection of countries in South Eastern Europe, is a dynamic region with many business opportunities that need a joined up approach. Potential clients in the energy, agriculture and restructuring investment sectors look for a strong regional response to their audit, accounting, tax and legal requirements. 

Individual countries have individual complexities but multinational firms often look for a regional solution to their audit, accounting, tax and legal obligations. TGS Balkans offer a simple, high quality one-stop-shop for these kind of firms.

TGS Balkans is a quality, mid-tier solution for multinationals in the region. In bidding situations, TGS firms will often match the technical quality of Big4 firms and far exceed that of some of the top 8. This quality, matched with lower overheads makes TGS a serious competitor in the market.

TGS offers quality audit, accounting, tax and legal services in Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Turkey


TGS firms undergo a rigorous annual Quality Review Program, so working with a TGS firm guarantees quality of service for national, regional and international clients. Often, TGS member firms are started by managing partners coming out of the Big 4.

TGS firms have a close connection to their clients and take the time to understand exactly what is needed. A potential client’s needs will be outlined and solutions tailored to their exact situation. Working with a global firm can often leave clients feeling that they are experiencing a cookie-cutter, template based approach.

TGS proposals will often go the extra mile and provide a tailored, efficient solution that clients will understand and appreciate.

Connected competence

TGS firms have a close connection with their international colleagues. TGS is a collegial network and communication on international issues is often between managing partners.

TGS firms have much more than a list member firms in various countries. TGS members have friends, colleagues and advisors they can call on directly to gain information and support in international questions around audit, accounting, tax and legal issues.

The TGS Balkans Meeting in Athens 2021 was one of many annual events that help maintain these close and high-level relationships. Every member in TGS also has direct access to the TGS executive team and a a direct say in how the network is run.


TGS firms, with their smaller structures have lower overheads than bigger, longer-established global firms. TGS firms have learned what makes a quality service. They are aware of the weaknesses and often excessive pricing their clients experience with bigger global service offers.

The TGS Experience provides both local clients and subsidiaries of large multinationals quality and value. These clients can regularly save 10% on their audit, accounting, tax and legal budgets by working with TGS member firms.


TGS is a credible alternative to the Big4 in South Eastern Europe

TGS celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022 and is delighted to have such a strong regional offer in the Balkans.

The first 10 years of TGS saw the network grow from nothing to a Top 25 internationally recognised network. The next 10 years will see regional service quality and international recognition rise to be the number 1 multidisciplinary mid-tier network.

TGS quality of service, connected competence and value will help firms in the Balkans achieve sustainable development for the next decade and beyond.

Thinking of the Balkans?

Think Global Sustainability.

Do you need audit, accounting, tax or legal services?

Do you operate in South East Europe?

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