Numbers and Beyond: Alberto’s Journey as a Multifaceted Professional


Alberto Cantarello

Can you introduce yourself?

I was born in 1982 in Turin, the same city where I live and work today.I’m a Chartered Accountant and Auditor.
Since 2002, I immersed myself in the accounting world (I was studying Business Administration and Accounting profession at University of Turin, then) and to this day, I haven’t ceased to breathe its air.
When I’m not at work, I have many passions, some of them very far from numbers: writing fantasy novels, reading, running and doing sports in general, travelling and enjoy good food and wine (I have a couple of qualifications in wine tasting).

What is your role at tgs? How can you be useful to other members?

Athena has various departments that cater to distinct areas of expertise. These encompass legal, tax, accounting, payroll, and auditing.
As the General Manager, I oversee the seamless functioning of the tax, accounting, payroll, and auditing departments, ensuring its efficient operations and strategic direction. My colleague Federico Ingenito takes care about legal department. I can be a valuable resource for TGS members when it comes to any matters related to my departments, offering assistance and expertise in Italy (of course, not by myself, but with the precious support of my colleagues).
Additionally, I’m available for engaging conversations on managing and organizing a professional firm, and beyond, providing insights and guidance in various areas.

Tell us about a funny experience at tgs!

Dubai, 2018, at my very first conference in TGS. I still remember the quest to find scorpions in the desert! To this day, I am still happy that I haven’t seen any!

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