Jens Edlund: An Accomplished Accountant and Key Driver of Business Expansion in the Nordic-Baltic Region


Jens Edlund

Jens Edlund, an Authorized Public Accountant with over 34 years of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the field. Having spent 23 years at Deloitte, he has honed his skills as an auditor and advisor to SMEs, specializing in various areas such as M&A, transactions, valuations, risk analysis, tax and ownership issues, as well as offering guidance on development, growth matters, and organizational changes.

Currently serving as the Managing Partner at Edlund & Partners in Sweden, he also holds the role of Regional Leader for the Nordic-Baltic region. In this capacity, he plays a vital role as a strategic co-founder of TGS, contributing to the growth and development of the Nordic and Baltic countries. His primary focus lies in assisting other members’ clients in establishing and operating businesses in Sweden, while also providing support for the other Nordic and Baltic countries.

With his extensive experience and strategic position within TGS, Jens offers invaluable assistance to fellow members and their clients. By leveraging his deep understanding of the Swedish business landscape and his proficiency in a range of accounting and advisory services, he is well-equipped to help navigate the complexities of expanding into Sweden and the broader Nordic and Baltic regions.

Jens Edlund’s impressive background, expertise, and dedication make him an invaluable member of the TGS community. As a seasoned professional and strategic partner, he continues to drive growth and provide unparalleled support to clients looking to establish and expand their businesses in Sweden and the Nordic-Baltic region.

Edlund & Partners

Edlund & Partners is a leading independent Swedish firm in the SME market. The firm´s head office is based in the middle of Sweden, Östersund, and the main markets are the Stockholm region and the southern and northern parts of Sweden.

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