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Regional Development Groups are monthly events where members meet to share ideas and develop more business between themselves. For Andrew at TGS, an RDG event is essentially a one-day world tour where he gets to meet TGS members from every continent.

The question is:  “Why should a TGS member take part?”
What exactly is a Regional Development Group and what’s in it for you?

What is a Regional Development Group (RDG) event?

The name is fairly self-explanatory. Once a month, members meet at the RDG event, which is essentially a short development and accountability session.

Over the course of the day, they get to connect with the global community, share their ideas in and about the network, help TGS identify new members in their area, and work with other members to develop business with one another.

Here is a sample agenda from a past event:

1. Welcome Back,  Monthly Covid survey

2. Most recent new members in your area. Quality-reviewed, Paid and Publicized

3. 80/20 – How can we sharpen your pipeline?

4. Priorities – for the next month

5. Young Leader Program outline – Who can you nominate to participate?

6. Reminder for the Global Constant Audit

7. Next steps. What you do for next time/ What Andrew will do for next time


For TGS, an RDG event is attended by 10 participants from each of 7 big regions (e.g. Asia-Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, the Americas, etc.) on the same day.

Key benefits for participating members

The more members participate in our network, the more they get out of it, and the same goes for RDG events. Here are the key benefits for participating members:

  • These events are an opportunity to expand your network and grow new business relationships with like-minded professionals from multiple industries.
  • Gain exposure on a global scale by presenting on topics that relate to your business.
  • Use the opportunity to learn from other entrepreneurs and their businesses, find a mentor or strengthen your resource network.
  • Find local support for global operations, which is an excellent way to make connections that go beyond just having your company listed on our website.
  • Be more aware of what’s happening in the marketplace, in terms of opportunities and threats as well as changing market conditions.
  • Enjoy the sense of community with your fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Learn what other people are working on, how they’re doing it, and be inspired to work smarter and faster.
  • Help to build the entrepreneurial community by taking part in the group!
  • Share ideas in real-time; this is essential, as communication and collaboration lead to innovation.
  • Potentially create new business opportunities for your firm.

Join your Regional Development Group today!

RDGs meet monthly, connecting across continents. They give you the chance to get involved and actively build a network you will be proud to be a part of, so don’t miss out!

Join today and get excited about creating more business relationships and opportunities for your firm around the world. Collaborate and innovate, and you will grow sustainably!

Would you like to explore how TGS membership could benefit your firm?

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