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TGS Sarrio & Asociados are committed to the pursuit of SME success

TGS Sarrio & Asociados is a dynamic firm at the forefront of Peruvian financial and entrepreneurial activity. This Latin American TGS member assists Peruvian companies in making well-informed, strategic decisions to maximize their growth among rising social and economic challenges.

Peru is rising above economic and social challenges 

Peruvian unemployment rate has catapulted due to the COVID-related confinement and some citizens have rallied against political corruption. 

In the face of what some may consider adversity, Peru is committed to overcoming and building its national unity after a somewhat turbulent presidential election; the nation is becoming a diverse, tolerant and thriving national family. Even when facing a pandemic-related crisis, the people of Peru have displayed outstanding creativity and solidarity. 

TGS Sarrio & Asociados see an opportunity for firms to reinvent themselves and become more competitive 

Where some see a crisis, Peruvian firm TGS Sarrio & Asociados see an opportunity. Peru is a creative country where companies want to succeed and find leading positions in the global market.

Peru experienced a 47% Growth in Exports in 2020

Did you know that our industrial production index grew by an average of 47.80% in 2020 positioning 37 products on the top of our exports ranking despite our atypical economic situation? 11 regions in Peru have increased their export rates, and more than 2,300 companies have expanded their exports to 128 international markets.

Peru became the world leader in exports of blueberries and quinoa in 2020; Chile and Bolivia are now behind us. And we are the proud 2nd world exporter of avocado, asparagus, chestnuts, and organic coffee. NESPRESSO loves our high-quality standards and is now buying our coffee. We are 3rd in the exports of whole ginger with a 153% growth rate for the first time ever. 

Our CACAO [cocoa] won 15 medals in Paris, and our PISCO obtained 40 awards at Virtus Lisboa. We  love to lead the world’s exports of alpaca fiber to 58 countries.

Image credit www.destinperu.net

The autobots are coming to Machupicchu! 

Do you like video games and movies? ARROG recently received various international awards as the top Peruvian video game. Our short film, “Alienation”, was acclaimed at the Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival. Additionally, US-based “Paramount Pictures” has signed a joint venture with Peruvian Apu Productions to film the new “Transformers” movie in Peru. 

Peru is a competitive player in sports and business

Do you remember the infamous 2nd-division soccer team? Peru’s Court of Arbitration for Sports [TAS] ended up ruling in their favor; the team was ratified as a prime league team that rose above its ashes. Its executives managed to get new sponsors, re-engineer its branding, and emerge with a larger-than-life new image. 

We do have talented soccer players, but did you know that we also sent 34 competitive Peruvian athletes to the 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo? Also, we became proud gold medal winners at the latest Central American Olympiad and the Caribbean Physics Olympic Games.

Science, Environment and Technology

A Peruvian citizen has just received the 2020 Scientific Medical Development Award. World Travel Magazine, South America Edition, honored us with the Best Green Destination Award. National BIG COLA, ALICORP, GLORIA, BELCORP, PARDOS CHICKEN, and several other local brands are worthy competitors to international INCA COLA and D’ONOFRIO.

It’s a fact, Peruvian companies led by creative professionals with a heart for sustainability are achieving a growing number of outstanding goals every day. Peru’s economy is the region’s most stable; we are regarded as one of the friendliest foreign investment countries in the area. Oreo, Field, Ritz, Trident, Halls, and Tang products are now made in Peru using renewable energy. Wrangler, La Martina, UFO, Polo USA, Sergio K, and Penguin are manufactured in Peru too.

Peru has become Latin America’s fastest-growing economy with a growth rate of 9.6% driven by technological transformation

The pandemic changed our work and consumption habits. We went from 65,800 to 263,200 online businesses in 2020. Over 235,000 new companies have been created, and 2021 will see the establishment of more businesses. 

Our kind hearts are growing too and there are heroes cropping up everywhere as we fight pandemic calamity. We salute every oxygen provider, every cab driver who provides oxygen to COVID-infected patients anxious to reach the emergency room, and we thank all the hospital professionals who are at the forefront of the pandemic war. Though we have seen disheartening numbers, we have managed to provide 11,085,829 vaccines to our citizens within five months.

TGS Sarrio & Asociados is audacious in helping SMEs success

Peru is an audacious country. The kind of country that builds aqueducts through a 20 km trans-Andean tunnel and 43-meter-high dikes to protect our cities, we passionately seize opportunity, that is why we are the best soccer fans and why we see opportunity to innovate in a period of social and economic upheaval.

TGS Sarrio & Asociados is a dynamic member of the TGS network, helping local and international firms maximise their growth in the midst of global economic and social challenges. A creative firm with a guiding mission to help your firm Think Global Sustainability.


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