TGS welcomes a new member in Uzbekistan

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Magnit Finance LLC joined the TGS family this month. Magnit has a driving ethos of consistently providing more value to their clients and membership of an international network TGS will help with this ambition. The fact that the TGS network is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact will further help Magnit Finance LLC offer value in terms of a strong focus on sustainable development.

TGS Magnit Finance, as they are now known, takes great pride in being a member of a network with impressive growth and keen focus in Central Asia. TGS Magnit Finance plans to work closely with TGS member TGS Saryarqa in Kazakhstan to reinforce and expand this central Asian presence.

Magnit Finance Offices

Magnit Finance LLC has been a reputable audit company in Uzbekistan since 1998 and aims to continue providing high-quality Audit, Assurance, Accounting, Financial Advisory and other professional services as TGS Magnit Finance. To this end, the Magnit team is constantly upskilling by undergoing advanced training courses.

The TGS Magnit Finance team implements innovative solutions to their daily business practices so that the quality of services they provide continually improves.

Eldor Boisov and Talibjan Alimov, founders and Partners of TGS Magnit Finance believe in aligning corporate interests with the ambitions of employees, social and environmental responsibilities. This new TGS member in Central Asia aims to make sure that the prosperity of their company shall be an inclusive and positive phenomenon in Uzbekistan.

Whatever work needs to be done, whatever opportunity presents itself, whatever you have to share – this is the time, not tomorrow.

Eldor Boisov, Founding partner of TGS Magnit Finance

Quality of service and client satisfaction are the key elements that define TGS Magnit Finance. This firm prides itself on the reputation they have cultivated over 22 years of activity.

The range of services TGS Magnit Finance provide includes Auditing, Financial outsourcing, Advisory, and Taxation, and Accounting.

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