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We are delighted to introduce KMT Consult, our latest addition to the TGS network. With their expertise in accounting, corporate finance, audit, and tax services, KMT Consult brings valuable capabilities to our network’s offerings in Ukraine.

Established in 2013 by a lawyer and an auditor, KMT Consult has been experiencing continuous growth. Their decision to join our network this year is a testament to their commitment to expanding their reach and delivering exceptional services to clients.

Main Services

KMT Consult specializes in a wide range of services in Ukraine, including initiative audits, which are primarily conducted for consolidation purposes, special-purpose audits, and grant audits. Additionally, their team provides comprehensive outsourcing solutions for small businesses, covering the full spectrum of accounting services.

Clients can also benefit from KMT Consult’s tax consulting services, which encompass various areas such as company setup support, tax due diligence, transfer pricing, and VAT solutions. Furthermore, their legal services offer expert advice on company establishment, mergers and acquisitions, commercial and corporate law, tax audit support, intellectual property protection, due diligence, and labor law matters.


At KMT Consult, reliability, respect, and teamwork are at the core of their values. They consistently strive for quality and efficiency while fostering transparent and trustworthy relationships with their clients and partners. Taking individual and collective responsibility for their work, they measure their success by the success achieved by those they serve.

Looking ahead, KMT Consult has set an ambitious goal to be among the Top 30 audit companies in Ukraine within the next five years. This aspiration is driven by their unwavering commitment to integrity and openness in all their endeavors.

Joining TGS is a testament to our commitment to expanding our reach and delivering exceptional services to our clients.

Kateryna Trykoz, Managing Partner

We are confident that the addition of KMT Consult to our network will greatly enhance our ability to meet the diverse needs of our clients and further expand our presence in Ukraine. We extend a warm welcome to KMT Consult and eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions they will bring to our network and the clients we serve.


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