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New member in Thailand

New TGS Global member, BizWings (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a consulting firm established in 2015 that offers a one-stop service for a wide variety of services such as accounting outsourcing, administrative and tax obligation support, and general consultation on legal matters in addition to any other specific requests.

TGS Global member firm, BizWings, Managing Director, Junnosuke Kurachi, CPA (Japan), gained experience as a full-time auditor at KPMG in Japan. With this background, he further progressed his expertise by earning an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, which catapulted him to success as the head of Japan desk in the Thailand branch of a prestigious auditing firm.

Through his experience, he found that although there are a large number of administrative service providers for foreign enterprises in Thailand, the number of companies requiring these kinds of services were in a never-ending increase due to the complexity of managing policies from different regions and countries. Mr Kurachi started BizWings with the intent on resolving this uphill struggle and bringing his expertise from Japan into the Thai business landscape. As evident from their name, TGS Global’s new Thai member, BizWings, consider themselves as a wingmen as they aim to be their clients’ best supporter in running their business.

At BizWings, the wide variety of services can fulfil clients’ needs and meet clients’ expectations. With knowledgeable professionals, a wide network and deep experience in Thai business, they ensure to provide high-quality work and commit to being their clients’ trustworthy and reliable partner at affordable prices. They believe that their expertise in business is beneficial for their clients to achieve their goals and help them overcome obstacles in business, especially in the back-office tasks that are often the most tedious and time-consuming.


Main Services

  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Auditing
  • Compliance Work
  • Business Management Support
  • Support for Business Expansion to Thailand and oversea expansion
Thanks to our culturally diverse staff as well as our membership with TGS, we can provide all our services in Thai, English and Japanese, wherever our clients are in the world.

Junnosuke Kurachi, CEO Bizwings

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