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TGS Compass Auditores Independientes Sociedade Simples offices and team

New member in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The firm was founded in 2008, being composed of partners with extensive experience in the audit market and consulting with performance in the large multinational auditing firms. Each service provided in the different segments of the economic activity is supported by partners who have more than 35 years of experience.

Since the beginning of its activities, TGS Compass Auditores Independientes Sociedade Simples served thousands of companies that needed the services of capital openings, privatization projects, audit, tax advice, risk assessment, compliance, consulting, and business projects for financial market activities, industries, commerce, hospital and health services, telecommunications and agribusiness.

In 2012 the firm joined 4 small national audit firms and began to serve the Brazilian market with local clients and multinational clients.

In December 2020 our firm became a member in Brazil of TGS, through the network we can offer quality services to our customers in several countries.

Jose Maria Moreira, Managing partner TGS Compass

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