TGS welcomes a new member in Costa Rica

Americas New members

New TGS member firm, TGS Costa Rica E&B Auditores in San José, Costa Rica.

TGS member firm, TGS Costa Rica E&B Auditores provides extensive experience and a professional team work. The firm has experts in: Audits, Consulting, Taxes, IFRS, Accounting, Transfer Pricing, HR, Corporate Services, Legal, Corporate Governance and Succession Planning.


New Costa Rica TGS member Partners, Sergio Blanco and Marvin Esquivel.

TGS Costa Rica E&B Auditores are independent firms registered at the Association of Public Accountants of Costa Rica. Marvin and Sergio are accounting professionals and provide solutions for all your tax, accounting, and audit requirements in Costa Rica.

TGS member TGS Costa Rica E&B Auditores main services in Costa Rica are:



•Professional ethics

Our audit and accounting clients receive personalized attention.

Marvin Esquivel, Managing Partner

Our TGS network membership is proof that we provide quality services.

Sergio Blanco, Managing Partner

Setting up a business in Costa Rica?

TGS can help you with audit, accounting, tax and payrolling services across Costa Rica.

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