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Managing Partners, Mahgary

Mahgary tax advisors, accountants, and auditors in Egypt is one of the Egypt’s leading firms of accountants and business advisors, established in 1990 by Mohamed Al Mahgary. This firm provides comprehensive services in accounting, audit and assurance, tax consulting, corporate finance, and management consultancy. Clients can be confident that the work will be carried out by a team of highly qualified professionals.


  • Vision

Mahgary vision is to be the first choice for companies in their selection of professional advisors.

  • Mission

Mahgary mission is to provide quality service to our clients by focusing on client-specific needs and providing solutions to business problems, thereby adding value through expertise whilst maintaining integrity, professionalism and independence.

  • Culture

The firm was founded by Mohamed Al Mahgary in 1990 and quickly started to grow. Soon, new professionals joined to assume management roles and to serve an ever-growing number of clients

Services Offered

  • Audit and Assurance
  • Accounting Service
  • Management Consultancy
  • Corporate Finance
Since our creation, three generations of leaders have successfully handed over to new ones, passing on knowledge and experience and paving the way for a better future. Stating this, we offer a wide range tailored services that meet the requirements of our clients.”

Ayman Abdalla, CPA, Partner

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