Young entrepreneur helps TGS Global optimize social media strategy

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Guillaume Usannaz, the CEO of CM Family

During the conference in Brussels, delegates from TGS member firms came from all over Europe and the Middle East to speak about SME development, SME marketing strategies, communication, innovation, sustainability and networking.

This workshop also welcomed Guillaume, a young (21) entrepreneur who created CM family: an innovative and agile platform for community management.


The CM Family platform is for companies who want to promote themselves on social media platforms and thereby extend their clientèle.

CM Family helps firms find the best community manager to correspond exactly to the company’s profile, and who will be able to advise and help them develop their activity.



How does CM Family work?

It’s a three-step process: building a tailored social media strategy according to the needs of the company, feeding the company’s social networks then analysing and optimizing a collaborative approach.

CM Family can also help companies develop targeted advertising campaigns and fine-tune the content they publish on social media networks.

In less than one year, more than 50 company’s have already signed up with CM Family and are satisfied with the services provided.

Are you a young entrepreneur?

Find out how TGS Global can help you develop your activity.

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